A Tale of Two Italians. 4.18.14

Italian Mountain is a thirteener sitting at the headwaters of Cement Creek. Ben Morello is a skier, who considers himself “FBI”- Full Blooded Italian. Their stories are separate but intertwined on this day, at least for the rest of our group on April 18.

We made our way up Cement Creek with a couple different ski objectives in mind- Star and Taylor. Both mountains have great skiing and are probably skied pretty equally by skiers from Crested Butte and Aspen, lying in between the two towns as they do. It was near “Cement Pass” that Ben’s troubles began. His sled wouldn’t start up again after a short routefinding break. Eventually we thought we were OK, but then it died again. Uh-oh, we’re a long way from the trailhead. There wasn’t much we could do while Ben tried some common tactics like pulling the plugs, so we cruised up to the pass to check things out. Taylor on the right:
taylor peak

Ben having some type 1 fun:

Ben kept trying things, and we kept exploring.

West Brush Creek 4.15.14

The headwaters of West Brush creek offer some of the best skiing in Crested Butte, but it isn’t always the easiest or safest area for backcountry skiing. Low snowfall and sometimes tricky snowmobiling make this an area that I usually don’t access until spring. Some of Crested Butte’s highest peaks, such as Whiterock and Teocalli ring this drainage, but some smaller, unnamed peaks have skiing as good or better than their well-known neighbors. L-R below, is Western State Peak, White, Whiterock, “Bearclaw” (which we skied), and a pointy aesthetic unnamed peak, which I’ll call West Brush Peak (which we skied)
White, Whiterock, and other unnamed peaks in west brush creek


M. 4.14.14

After a small storm last weekend, we wanted to get on something north facing to milk what could be one of the last pow days of the year. M face was in, so M face it was. Still, we couldn’t help but check out other options along the way:

We were following a skintrack which we were pretty sure belonged to our friend Jarrett, and sure enough, we watched him drop into a beautiful line on the M face.


Managing Your Skiing Trip Funds – Looking for an Affordable Skiing Trip in Europe?

Enjoy our guest post about affordable skiing in Europe.


Skiing trips aren’t renowned for being the most affordable holidays it’s possible to take, but then again, they needn’t be the most expensive holidays either.

There are a number of expenses to factor in when creating a budget for a skiing holiday, and even though there are many excellent package deals available which are remarkably affordable, there are still many additional expenses to take note of.

This requires you to plan well ahead, time your skiing holiday well and plan for ever eventuality that could arise, and there are often a few.


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