Alpine Riding: Hunter Creek

We had a big winter. The evidence? It’s nearly August and we still had a tiny section of snow to ride through last weekend. Getting into the alpine can be tough, whether it’s the Monsoons or snow, but it’s my favorite place to be. And my favorite alpine ride in Crested Butte is Star Pass to Hunter Creek via 583 (Crystal Peak trail).

The Crystal Peak trail is in the best shape it’s been in for years, thanks in part to a trail work day last fall. As always, the flowers were amazing, and literally handlebar deep:
crystal peak trail

italian mountain mountain biking

star mountain crested butte

Surprisingly, we actually saw as many mountain bikers as dirtbikers, which means about 6 or so…

Hasley Pass Hike Wildflowers (25 July 2014)

It’s no secret that Hasley Pass is one of my favorite hikes ever. This time of year, not only do you get spectacular views off the top, but you also wander through fields and fields of wildflowers along the way. It’s a hard hike to beat, especially for the distance.

Last week, I headed back to Hasley for the first time this year, knowing that the wildflowers would be prime. I grabbed Eddie the Wonder Dog once again, and we headed out for another scenic outdoor adventure to see some wildflowers on the Hasley Pass hike.

The path opens up to wildflowers about a half-mile up the trail. I found the fields to be abundant with Columbine, more than I’d ever seen before.
Columbine near Crested Butte, CO

The Columbine were scattered amidst Aspen Sunflowers.
Aspen sunflowers and columbine near Crested Butte, CO

The Paintbrush added a nice red hue to mix with the Sunflowers.
Hasley Pass wildflowers


Star Pass Loop: Most scenic ride in CB? (22 July 2014)

Star Pass is one of those places you don’t forget. The scenery is stunning and rivals our most famous mountain biking trail, 401. So, when my friends asked me to join them on a Star Pass Loop bike ride, I decided to chance it, even though I knew the timing would be tight for me to fit it in before work.

Chrissy and Heather began from town just after 8 am. I began at the same time from Brush Creek trailhead, leaving a car there so I could use it to get to work faster at the end of the ride. From there, we rode down HWY 135 to Cement Creek Road, taking the Cement Creek Trail (which parallels the road) when it was available. The upper Cement Creek Trail was beautiful and full of wildflowers.
Upper Cement Creek trail near Crested Butte

Heather riding upper Cement Creek Trail with flowers all around her.
Heather McDowell mountain biking Upper Cement Creek Trail near Crested Butte

The trail was surrounded by low-lying wildflowers.
Upper Cement Creek trail near Crested Butte


Gear Review: Dual Eyewear G5

Dual Eyewear G5 profile view

The Dual Eyewear G5 in pink with a brown lens.

Dual Eyewear is an up and coming company that has found a niche in the sunglasses market. Their claim to fame is their sunglasses are all “bifocals” – providing a reading magnification lens at the bottom of the sunglasses. While I’m not really on the market for bifocals (yet :) ), I hear many of my friends complaining about how they can’t read maps and other small-font things while playing in the outdoors. It’s a problem for some people, and so I wanted to check out the capabilities of the Dual Eyewear sunglasses and see how they performed for people looking for sunglasses that will allow them to play outdoors, but also allow them to read when they need to!

Recently, I was able to test the Dual Eyewear G5, which I will be reviewing in this post.

wearing the Dual Eyewear G5 sunglasses while biking

Brittany wearing the Dual Eyewear G5 sunglasses on a bike ride.


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