Fall Leftovers

Sometimes life can get so busy. During those times, it’s hard to keep up with all that we do – and post in on our blog. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s better to just have fun instead of post about the fun.

This fall was one of those times. Yes, we did keep posting. But, we didn’t post everything because we simply didn’t have time. Now, it’s truly off-season and a good time for catching up on life – and blogs. And I still have a couple fall reports I’d like to share.

The photos in this report are “leftovers” from the heart of fall. While they were taken a month ago, my appreciation for them has grown. When you’re surrounded by vibrant colors, it’s easy to go into sensory overload. Well, now, those bright hues are gone but the pictures remain. In glancing over the photos, I was happy to revisit the stunning beauty of autumn in Crested Butte.

So, here’s a few leftover shots. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did :)

Peanut lake in Crested Butte

Peanut Lake in Crested Butte

Stable in fall near Crested Butte


End of Fall (13 Oct 2014)

Technically, the end of fall doesn’t happen until the solstice in December. But, by then, it’s usually well into winter here. Here, fall ends when the leaves drop, and the vibrant colors fade into the ground. Tones become muted. And suddenly you realize there are about a billion different shades of brown on the color wheel that you never noticed before.

I call it non-winter – the time between when the last leaves drop and before the snow blankets the ground.

This year, with unusually warm temperatures in September and October, fall lasted a little longer than usual. One fine October day, we emerged out of snow-bearing clouds – a front that also came with a lot of wind. While many leaves left the trees bare, the stronger ones still clung on voraciously. I spontaneously said, “Let’s go for a hike. It will be beautiful.” Frank obliged, although reluctantly at first. But, it was indeed a beautiful day.
Fall with snowy peaks in Crested Butte

beaver ponds in the fall near Crested Butte

Mountains through a rainbow of trees near Crested Butte

Mountains through a rainbow of trees.


Black Diamond Shiva MX Review

Frank recently reviewed the BD Factor MX. Here, I will review the 2014 Black Diamond Shiva MX freeride AT boot and compare it to its predecessor Shiva which I began skiing in 2011.

Black Diamond Shiva MX with both sole block types shown.

Black Diamond Shiva MX with both sole block types shown.

Changing the sole blocks on the Shiva MX from alpine to touring.

Changing the sole blocks on the Shiva MX from alpine to touring.


The Shiva is intended to be a freeride AT boot. It has been built as a stiffer AT boot that skiers can use both in and out of bounds. Sole blocks are available for both AT and alpine bindings.

Changing the sole blocks on the Black Diamond Shiva MX

Lining up the nut for the tech fitting used in the touring sole block can be a bit tough.


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