M. 4.14.14

After a small storm last weekend, we wanted to get on something north facing to milk what could be one of the last pow days of the year. M face was in, so M face it was. Still, we couldn’t help but check out other options along the way:

We were following a skintrack which we were pretty sure belonged to our friend Jarrett, and sure enough, we watched him drop into a beautiful line on the M face.


Managing Your Skiing Trip Funds – Looking for an Affordable Skiing Trip in Europe?

Enjoy our guest post about affordable skiing in Europe.


Skiing trips aren’t renowned for being the most affordable holidays it’s possible to take, but then again, they needn’t be the most expensive holidays either.

There are a number of expenses to factor in when creating a budget for a skiing holiday, and even though there are many excellent package deals available which are remarkably affordable, there are still many additional expenses to take note of.

This requires you to plan well ahead, time your skiing holiday well and plan for ever eventuality that could arise, and there are often a few.


14ers Fundraising Project

Anna & Rohan, founders of Fourteeners for Teens.

Anna & Rohan, founders of Fourteeners for Teens.

Anna and Rohan are on a mission. They are on a mission to ski all 14 fourteeners in the Sawatch Range over 14 days.

Get it? There’s a 14 theme going on here. Anna and Rohan were even planning their departure for 4/14/2014 (yes, even the year has a 14 in it), but instead left on the 12th to take advantage of the extra weekend and are currently 6 days in to their 14 day trip.


TR: Teocalli West (16 April 2014)

It’s always easier to ski things that you can see. In Crested Butte, most of the lines we can see face north, or south, or east. Very few face west. Venturing to the West side of Teocalli is like venturing into the dark side of the moon. The south side is what we gaze upon on a daily basis. But, the west is typically obstructed from our view.

Susan had it on her mind to ski Teocalli- something she’d never done before. It had been a couple of years since I had been able to ski this peak, so I was game. Tuesday turned out to be the perfect weather day for our peak-bagging adventure. So, off we went.

The south side was in full view as we approached Teocalli,

As we climbed, the sun beat down on us with a vengeance. Climbing was hard due to our over-heating bodies. Susan’s original plans to ski the south side were in question with the baking sun. And, as high clouds moved in and began cooling things down, we saw a skier trigger a predictable wet slide on the south side.

We continued to the top knowing the west side would likely be a better option. Susan checking out the gnar during our ascent.


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