Crested Butte Early Season 2014

After a prolonged and warm fall that was perfect for biking but not so much for skiing, Colorado was finally blessed with a strong storm cycle in mid November. The snow fell on just enough snow on shaded slopes to make those slopes quite suspect from an avalanche standpoint. (The Crested Butte Avalanche Center took a great series of photos of snow cover before this storm which may be useful for planning early season ski outings). Wanting to take it easy on our first day out, Topher and I made some turns on a short slope just up from the Kebler Pass trailhead.

Topher De Felice snowboarding Crested Butte

Conditions were quite good for the first day of the season, though still fairly thin.

A few days later, Brittany and I headed out the Slate River valley to a different zone, which was even deeper. There was some wind affected snow, and flat light, but otherwise conditions were excellent. The skin up:
early season crested butte skiing


When Winter Arrived

Winter has been teasing us all fall. We’d get a taste during a pleasurable snowstorm, but then the storm would be followed with more than a week of dry skies warm temperatures. While some people soaked in the sepia hues that surrounded us, I felt that non-winter lasted particularly long this year.

But, then, the forecast read this:
Weather forecast for Crested Butte

Winter had arrived, and it arrived with a fury. We couldn’t have been happier :)

On Friday, after dealing with the first-day-of-the-season-my-snowmobile-is-a-pain-to-start scenario, I headed into the Crested Butte backcountry with Alex, Ben, and Kyle to check out what Winter had delivered

We found it was good. Alex:
Alex Riedman skiing in the Crested Butte backcountry

Really quite good :)
Alex Riedman powder skiing in the Crested Butte backcountry


Fruita 18 Road 11.7.14

Last weekend, we headed to Salt Lake City to visit friends and with perfect riding conditions, we decided to get the bikes out along the way. It had been several years since either of us rode at Fruita’s 18 road, which perfectly suited our needs for some short rides in the middle of a quick road trip. I forgot just how good the riding is there. Some of the newer trails, in particular, are a blast to ride and take some of the pressure off the original classics. 18 road features “flow trails”, before the term was coined.

1st Loop, Kessel:
Fruita 18 road riding

2nd Loop, Joe’s Ridge:
joe's ridge 18 road Fruita

north fruita desert riding


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