14er TT: Castle Peak (28 May 2006)

This is part of an ongoing series re-telling Brittany’s fourteener-skiing story. Look for the reports every Thursday, as part of a Throwback Thursday theme.

Castle Peak has special meaning for Frank and I as it was the first fourteener that we skied together. We were joined by Dave Bourassa, Mark Caveliero, and Nate. I don’t know if it was the line or the day or the people I was with or a combination – but, Castle stands out as one of my most favorite peaks that I have skied, even 8 years later.

Because of this, I actually wrote a throwback trip report for Castle Peak back in May. Make sure to check it out. How did Frank and I actually “meet”? Well, that’s in the report too. But, mainly, there’s just a lot of cool pics – Because, let’s face it, the east face of Castle Peak is a pretty fun line.

Here’s a few teasers of what you’ll see in the trip report:
backcountry skiing the east face of Castle Peak, Colorado fourteener

Make sure to check out Castle Peak, the 3rd fourteener that I skied :)

Book Review: Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range, Volume 1: South of Interstate 70

Making Turns in Colorado's Front Range, Volume 1: South of Interstate 70

Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range, Volume 1: South of Interstate 70. Image courtesy of Fritz Sperry at Giterdun Publishing.

Title: Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range, Volume 1: South of Interstate 70

Author: Fritz Sperry

Year: 2014

Where can I get it? First, check your local shop. Many local mountaineering shops on the Front Range including Bent Gate in Golden and Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder. If your local shop isn’t carrying this, then request it. The book can also be purchased on the publisher’s website at Giterdun Publishing.


Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range, Volume 1: South of Interstate 70 is another great book written and published by Fritz Sperry. This book features approximately 70 backcountry or mountaineering routes for skiing and snowboarding on 39 different peaks or areas. As the book title states, all of these routes are on the Front Range, and south of Interstate-70.


High Pressure Rules: Richmond- Hancock- Richmond 12.10.14

It’s been a strange year in Crested Butte. Warm and no snow was followed by a bunch of snow, and that was followed once again by no snow. If it weren’t for that big storm cycle around Thanksgiving, we would still be riding bikes and white ribbons of death at the ski area. The nice thing about the last 2 weeks of high pressure, however, is the steadily decreasing avalanche danger. It’s a rare thing indeed to have relatively safe avalanche conditions in December, but that’s what we had up until last night’s storm. Which meant that we had the opportunity to ski big alpine faces in December powder.

Our first goal was to summit Richmond, a peak which I haven’t summited as often as some of the other peaks in our area- in fact I’d never skied off the summit. Sadly, I forgot my camera, so I did what I could with my phone- the north face of Richmond:
Richmond North Face

The summit of Richmond has a 2 or 3 sub-summits, which we had to traverse:
Richmond Peak Pano

We had one rock step to negotiate along the way. Mike Nolan of the Elk Mountain Lodge tackles the ridge:
Richmond ridge ski


Knox Frank Memorial Scholarship for Avalanche Education

Need some avalanche education or want a refresher but don’t have the money? The Knox Frank scholarship is there to help you – turning a tragic event into something positive. Details are below. And don’t delay…. applications are due Dec. 31st!

The Knox Frank scholarship commemorates Knox’s vibrant life. Many thanks to Irwin Guides, SOAR, and many other donors and volunteers to make this happen.

Knox Frank

Knox Frank loved the mountains. This scholarship commemorates his life.


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