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Colorado backcountry skiing guidebookGET YOUR SIGNED COPY! After 2 seasons of research, and one year of a lot of writing and editing, Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes: Colorado, was released in October, 2017! Published by Mountaineers Books, a foreward by Chris Davenport, and featuring 102 routes, we think you're sure to enjoy it. Buy your copy here and we'll personally sign it for you!

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My 2019 Bucket List

The meaning of words can evolve over time, and I want “bucket list” to be redefined as a list of goals can that can imply a shorter amount of time as well as a lifetime. So, I have created my 2019 Bucket List – a list of things I wish to accomplish during 2019. Some of the goals are things I have done in the past, but want to continue doing. Some are completely new. Some I’m already kind of doing. Others, I just have been wanting to do, but making a list like this public will hold me accountable.

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Review: Vermont Sticky – Maple Boost Energy Gel

The Maple Energy Boost is now a staple food in the backcountry for me. Not only does it taste great, but it provides quick energy without the sugar crash. I’ve been finding I now have less need to carry energy bars and other food because the energy boost can carry me through my energy needs for an extended period of time. This is definitely a product that every endurance athlete should try!

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Review: Tecnica Women’s Mach 1 Pro LV Boot – for resort skiing

The customization capabilities of Tecnica Mach 1 Pro have allowed this boot to be adjusted perfectly for my foot, ankle, and lower calf. The result is a boot that not only fits well, but one that performs exceptionally well too. I can rely on this boot to respond quickly and predictably to slight pressures and movements of my foot, while keeping my foot comfortable all day long. After skiing for a few decades, I can honestly say that this is the best resort boot I have ever owned.

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Gear Review: Women’s LEKI Gloves and Mittens

As a backcountry skier, I need several pairs of diverse gloves and mittens to keep my hands warm and protected through a wide range of activities and weather. My hands also tend to be on the cold side of things, so I seek extra warmth and high-performance moisture-wicking. On top of that, I seem to blast through gloves as fast as I can eat a pound of chocolate. It’s seriously hard for me to find a glove or mitten that can withstand my use for a year or longer. Yet, LEKI’s products have served my hands well for both durability and performance.

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Gear Review: Fritschi Tecton backcountry ski binding

As someone who has torn her ACL three times, the safety of the bindings I ski on is of utmost importance to me. I need a binding that will stay on through steep and technical terrain, which I can trust will stay on my feet when I need it most. But, at the same time, I also need the binding to release when it should to save potential knee injuries. I have never liked the thought of skiing a tech binding in “locked mode” for fear that it won’t release when I actually need it to. The Tecton provides a perfect blend of reliability and releaseablility by integrating a host of features.

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Review: La Sportiva Shadow – Women’s Backcountry Ski Boot

I’m very picky about my backcountry ski boots. Not only do I need a boot designed and engineered around a women’s foot, but I also need one that performs well on technical descents, yet is light enough and comfortable enough for long (12+ hour) tours. That combination alone severely limits the backcountry boots available to me. Typically, I lean toward a stiffer, slightly heavier, freeride-style backcountry ski boot. After demoing previous models of La Sportiva ski boots, my feedback was always, “It’s a nice boot… for someone else. I still want stiffer.” But, the release of the La Sportiva Shadow backcountry ski boot (the women’s version of the La Sportiva Synchro) finally brought a smile to my face. “Now this is a four-buckle touring boot I think I will really like,” I said. And I was right.

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TBT: Zion Curtain – Rabbit Valley (24 Oct 2017)

I’ve been biking in Fruita for over two decades, yet there are a few classic rides I have not checked off the list. The Zion Curtain finally got it’s check mark last fall. This ride is a little less technical than some others near the Colorado River. But, that doesn’t detract from the fun. Not to mention, a good chunk of his ride is actually located in Utah. Unlike the Interstate though, you won’t be finding signs at the border.

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