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Colorado backcountry skiing guidebookNOW AVAILABLE! Yep, we've been hinting at it for a long time. We have been writing a guidebook. After 2 seasons of research, and one year of a lot of writing and editing, Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes: Colorado, is finally done! Published by Mountaineers Books, a foreward by Chris Davenport, and featuring 102 routes, we think you're sure to enjoy it. Buy your copy here and we'll personally sign it for you!

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TBT: Ullr’s November Surprise

At 6:30 am I awoke with a start. It was Sunday, and I had all the best intentions of milking some sleep into the late morning hours to help rid the virus that had been infesting my body over the course of the week. But, upon gazing out the window, the world was covered in white. An unpredicted snow storm had engulfed our region, leaving 4 inches of fresh out our front door, and hopefully more in the backcountry. Ullr had finally delivered us a surprise, and it was time to head out to reap the rewards.

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Why I Love Mountain Biking at Hartman Rocks

Only 30 minutes away from Crested Butte, I feel incredibly lucky that we have easy access to the high desert terrain of Hartman Rocks. We don’t need to travel hours to Grand Junction or Fruita or Moab to have the desert experience. We have it just a quick jaunt away. With over 40 miles of trails in the area, there’s plenty to ride without getting bored.

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TBT: 1st Big Snow – Nature’s Vengeance (Nov 2012)

We are revisiting this post to remind backcountry enthusiasts that dangerous conditions can lurk in the backcountry, even early season. This year’s storms have dropped bits of snow that have stuck around on north-facing aspects that will likely create similar problems in the snowpack as we encountered in this report below. Be aware, be safe, and have fun in your backcountry travels this winter!

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TBT: 67 Cents per Inch – The Ridonkulously Deep Powder Day

Some days are better than others. Those days that you relish, where just thinking of the memory draws a smile on your face. Those days where you can feel yourself re-living the moment, the feeling, the taste, the smell. Those days you want to talk about, but you don’t want people to think you actually live in the past. But, those are the days that you live for – and you hope for more. And one of them happened to Frank and back in December 2012.

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Hiking in the Castles: Swampy Pass to Lowline to Pass Creek (5 Oct 2017)

This summer, I have been focusing a lot of my time and energy to the bike. But now that summer is over and I’ve accomplished many of my biking goals, it’s time to make some time for the slower things in life, like hiking. Hiking and biking have different feelings to me. On the bike everything happens just a little faster. You cover more terrain, but you notice the small things a little less. The benefit of hiking is that you can take time to soak in the scenery just a little more. You take more pictures. You notice that little flower sticking through the leaves…

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