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Colorado backcountry skiing guidebookNOW AVAILABLE! Yep, we've been hinting at it for a long time. We have been writing a guidebook. After 2 seasons of research, and one year of a lot of writing and editing, Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes: Colorado, is finally done! Published by Mountaineers Books, a foreward by Chris Davenport, and featuring 102 routes, we think you're sure to enjoy it. Buy your copy here and we'll personally sign it for you!

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My 3 Favorite Women’s Skis at SIA/OR 2018

Anyone who knows me as a skier knows I’ve had very few good things to say about women’s skis in the past. Typically, I have found that women’s dedicated ski models are too soft, not torsionally rigid enough, and inhibit rather than help my skiing. But, I’m not the only one who has felt that way and the ski manufacturers are listening. Finally, I can honestly say I have found some women’s skis that I don’t want to just throw in the trash. In fact, I actually love them. These three skis will allow women to charge hard.

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Gear Review: Corbeaux Baselayers

Frank and I agree on a lot of things. But, baselayers is one of the areas where we differ. That’s why we haven’t sought a sponsorship with a baselayer company in years past. Due to Frank’s eczema, he prefers synthetic baselayers. I, on the otherhand, have not been able to find a synthetic baselayer that performs as well as wool for me in the backcountry – too often synthetic layers don’t dry fast enough, leaving me chilled to the bone on a winter day. But then we tried Corbeaux Clothing, and my views of synthetic baselayers have been forever changed.

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6 Things Backcountry Skiers Can Do When It Isn’t Snowing

In much of Colorado, we’re currently sitting high and dry, without much snow in the forecast. Northern Colorado is close to average, but central and southern Colorado are anywhere from 30-70% of average. Across the rest of North America, some areas are already having a year to remember, while other areas are just as dry as we are here in Crested Butte. So, what’s a backcountry skier supposed to do when there is no snow?

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Book Review – Skiing in the Balkans: Fifty Backcountry Descents in Bulgaria

Dimitrov begins Skiing the Balkins with some critical background information – most of which is present in just about any backcountry skiing guidebook. But, a couple of things stood out as I read through his introduction. First he says, “One very important point to understand for avalanche forecasting in our mountains is that there is practically no official bulletin available” (p. 19). That’s right, there’s no Bulgaria Avalanche Information Center or something like that. He recommends checking the bulletins at nearby ski areas, the Mountain Rescue Service, or the Bulgarian Extreme & Free Skiing Association.

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TBT: Ullr’s November Surprise

At 6:30 am I awoke with a start. It was Sunday, and I had all the best intentions of milking some sleep into the late morning hours to help rid the virus that had been infesting my body over the course of the week. But, upon gazing out the window, the world was covered in white. An unpredicted snow storm had engulfed our region, leaving 4 inches of fresh out our front door, and hopefully more in the backcountry. Ullr had finally delivered us a surprise, and it was time to head out to reap the rewards.

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Why I Love Mountain Biking at Hartman Rocks

Only 30 minutes away from Crested Butte, I feel incredibly lucky that we have easy access to the high desert terrain of Hartman Rocks. We don’t need to travel hours to Grand Junction or Fruita or Moab to have the desert experience. We have it just a quick jaunt away. With over 40 miles of trails in the area, there’s plenty to ride without getting bored.

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