Red Mountain, Rossland BC 3.1.10

After our day in Whitewater, we did the short one hour drive to the town of Rossland. I first visited the area in 2000. After skiing there just a couple of days, I decided to move there the following winter of 2000-2001. That alone should tell you the kind of place Rossland is, and the kind of ski area Red Mountain is. It just felt like home. Of course, that may have to do with the similarities between Crested Butte and Rossland- both have a Paradise chair, both have a Paradise lodge, both have a Rafters bar at the base (Crested Butte has since torn theirs down), both are old mining towns with a ski area 3 miles away. And both places have steep technical skiing rivaling anywhere I’ve been to. On a good day at Red, you’ll find yourself skiing steep glades in 2500′ shots run after run. Red is a workout, for sure.

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