Where to Find the Best Off-Piste Skiing in the Alps

The thrill of skiing off-piste into the great white wilderness is what the Alps offer best. Ungroomed slopes give the exhilaration which the tailored ones do not. Documentaries often show skiers and snowboarders descending huge mountains swiftly, jumping off the edge of a cliff, and disappearing into the powdery white.

The good news is that the Alps offer something for everyone.  While more advanced ski mountaineers can head for bigger lines,  people with little backcountry touring experience  – can also ski  ungroomed slopes. So, if you plan to visit a European alpine country anytime soon, read on!

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Top 5 Gadgets for Long Hikes

Back when I was growing up, camping and hiking used to be a lot more challenging than it is today. One of the reasons is that hiking trails are far better maintained nowadays, but it is also because of the fact that technology has significantly evolved in the past two decades, and now we have access to a wide array of gadgets that can make spending time in the wilderness much easier and much less of a hassle.

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