Managing Your Skiing Trip Funds – Looking for an Affordable Skiing Trip in Europe?

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2014)

Enjoy our guest post about affordable skiing in Europe.


Skiing trips aren’t renowned for being the most affordable holidays it’s possible to take, but then again, they needn’t be the most expensive holidays either.

There are a number of expenses to factor in when creating a budget for a skiing holiday, and even though there are many excellent package deals available which are remarkably affordable, there are still many additional expenses to take note of.

This requires you to plan well ahead, time your skiing holiday well and plan for ever eventuality that could arise, and there are often a few.

Planning your trip
Not only should start planning your trip with plenty of time to spare but you must also take into account a variety of factors including location, timing and insurance, the latter something that no one can afford to go without.

Location – Look to Eastern Europe
Whilst many travellers naturally look at taking their skiing holidays in France or Switzerland, the most traditional destinations, there’s actually every reason why they should instead be looking to the East and therefore Bulgaria, Romania and other Eastern European countries.

If you’re after a bargain, all-in skiing holiday that includes practically everything you’ll need for a fun-filled holiday in the snow; this is where you should be looking.

Self-catering accommodation – Stock up and you’re good to go
There are three notable benefits to self-catering accommodation.

Firstly, self-catering accommodation is more affordable than hotels. Secondly, it’s generally more spacious and you can easily stay together even when holidaying as a large group. Finally, you can stock up on food, beer, wine and all the goodies you need from a local supermarket and you’re good to go.

This will help you to manage your skiing holiday funds and make the overall cost of your holiday more affordable.

Timing is everything
Timing really is everything regarding ski holidays and among the best bits advice to take note of is to avoid peak weeks.

According to Andy Sturt, the founder of chalet operator VIP Ski and its managing director, tour operators have been experiencing a significant decline in business and as a result, they’re cashing in on peak weeks. “The equation is this: New Year, Christmas and half-terms are X, the rest of the season are half X. People skiing at half-terms subsidise people skiing at other times.”

Therefore, when planning a skiing trip this winter, avoid Christmas, the New Year and school breaks and book at another time. This will significantly reduce the overall cost of your skiing holiday and provide you with more funds for your trip.

Furthermore, you can also source cheaper deals at the beginning or the end of the season when the slopes aren’t at their best. If you’re a real skiing enthusiast this might not be ideal, but for rookies who are looking for fun on the slopes and aren’t interested in world-class pistes this could prove to be the perfect time for a low-cost holiday skiing.

Planning for surprises
There are likely to be a few ‘surprises’ that you’ll need to plan for on your skiing holiday, which could be anything from finding the right bag for putting your skis on the plane, deciding to eat at more expensive restaurants than you’d originally planned to and being confronted with higher than expected prices upon arrival at your ski resort.

To reduce your ‘unplanned surprises fund’, borrow a ski bag from friends if possible. Consider purchasing or renting equipment or clothes to avoid excessive airline bag fees. Limit expensive meals to just a few, if any. In relation, you should also check transportation prices. You won’t be able to bypass buying tickets for flights but you can choose between riding a train and hiring a car. The latter is definitely a better choice though as not all resorts are easily accessible if you stick to trains, buses, and other modes of public commute alone.

The greater your understanding of the costs involved and the possible surprises awaiting you the more affordable you can render your next skiing holiday.

It IS possible to have an affordable ski trip in Europe!

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