Movie of the Month: MSP’s Push

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2009)

Movie of the Month: Push

Director: MSP

Year: 2006

Where can I find it?,

MSP’s Push stays true to it’s Crested Butte routes by opening up with a scene shot in CB South. This scene features a local kid who is being egged-on by bigger kids to jump a ramp on his bike. His failure to jump the ramp repeatedly causes the kids to heckle him. But, after the bullies leave, this lone ranger goes for a ride off the ramp. This scene sets the stage for this movie whose theme is athletes who push skiing to the next level.

Push is filmed on location in China, Haines, Whistler, Park City, Japan, Norway, and Terrace, BC and features athletes like Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, Ingrid Backstrom, Sarah Burke, Shane McConkey, Rory Bushfield, Hugo Harrisson, Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Mike Wilson, Mike Douglas, and Chris Rubens.

The first ski scenes in Push feature a mod-podge of skiers and locations with a lot of tumbles, crashes, and tomahawks, again trying to bring the movies theme to life. Athlete voice-overs emphasize that skiing has become a lot more risky over the last 10 years. Lines keep getting gnarlier and longer. Falling doesn’t mean you just hurt your thumb or knee anymore. If you fall on today’s big lines “you’re going to the hospital”. “Sometimes you land and you’re a hero, but if you don’t land you’re on the couch- it’s over.”

Simply stated, as today’s skiers push themselves and their sport to the next level, many of them find themselves paying a price. Throughout the movie, athletes talk about this theme. Sarah Burke mentions how she’s paid the price with broken bones, a torn rotator cuff, and sore knees. Even Shane McConkey has cashed in. This season ended in Haines, AK as he flew down the hill, hit and ice chunk and went tomahawking down-slope, resulting in a dislocated hip. McConkey states, “I have had 6 season-ending injuries over the last 10 years. People always ask me, ‘Is it worth it? Getting hurt that much.’ And the answer is, ‘yes’. I would do it all over again- have 6 more season-ending injuries in the next 10 years in order to keep doing what we get to do. There’s nothing better than sliding down snow and flying through the air.” Yet, skiing lines that ultimately result in injury is not the only way to push skiing to the next level. Eric Pollard states, – “A lot of people are pushing out there… going massive and fast. I like to do that as well, but I just love to find lines that have a lot of flow to them.”

Push is largely divided by athlete segments.

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