Small Stuff… 1-16-13

This will have to be a short report… I apologize for the brevity of this entry, but I have some packing for Canada to do! Headed out to the Irwin area today for some mini-golfing- I can’t tell you how nice it was to be in warm temperatures after the past few days of subzero temps. What we were skiing:

Rob Dickinson:

Tom Runcie:

Tom took video of my run. Bummed I crashed, I’ll have to ski it again, hopefully in less variable conditions.

I’m sure Trent Bona got some far better shots from the day- check out his site for some great images. Til next time from the great white north- adios.

Frank Konsella

Frank loves snow more than anything... except his wife.  He ensures his food is digested properly by chewing it 32 times before swallowing.He is a full-time real estate agent serving Crested Butte and Gunnison and would be honored to send you his monthly newsletter.

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  1. Nice line dog, glad to see you havin some fun.

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