South Side 11-24-12

We got back from Thanksgiving on the Front Range ready to do some skiing. But where? There obviously aren’t too many choices right now, and we weren’t too sure about the high North faces after all the avalanche activity that had been going on earlier in the month. But the recent warm weather had reportedly created an early season corn cycle, so we headed out to see what was out there. Joining us was George Yarzabek from Fort Collins, who drove down despite the thin conditions in the hopes of doing a bit of exploring.

This view always inspires, even during low tide.

Despite the extremely thin snowpack, the snow was supportive and some older turns looked excellent. I dropped in first and found variable but skiable snow.

George takes the fall line.

George from the bottom.

Brittany’s turn:

A slight change in aspect to the East, and I was finding pow instead of corn…

Back to Brittany:

Overall, the skiing was surprisingly good. It’s still worth going out there and poking around. But still, we need snow really badly here in Colorado. For those of you on the West coast, enjoy the snow. Word is that Mt. Shasta might get a couple hundred inches in the next week. I can’t even imagine right now.

Frank Konsella

Frank loves snow more than anything... except his wife.  He ensures his food is digested properly by chewing it 32 times before swallowing.He is a full-time real estate agent serving Crested Butte and Gunnison and would be honored to send you his monthly newsletter.

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  1. Beautiful. Great way to spend a spring day.

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