Sean Crossen’s 14 Skiing Video

I posted this on my blog years ago, but I recently checked it out again and thought it was worth a re-post. Fun stuff.

Crossen 14er video

Sean put this video together a while back documenting his efforts to ski all the fourteeners. While he ultimately came up a little bit shy, he put in a great effort and skied an awful lot of peaks in winter-like conditions, quite unlike my effort which tended to mostly occur in the spring. Lots of guest appearances from “The Crew”, too- guys like Pete and Jasper and Webster and even the O.G. Lou Dawson on El Diente. It’s well worth checking out, although perhaps with the music muted ;)

Some highlights: Pete and his huge pack unable to mount his bike to get up the Maroon Creek road around 10:30. Wendy Fischer shredding Wetterhorn in early season conditions around 17:25.


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